Boarding at
The British School of Lomé
A Home Away From Home!


At BSL we offer excellent boarding facilities in comfortable and safe surroundings. Our boarding community is a close-knit family where students can develop talents and achieve their potentials in a happy, secure, positive and productive environment.

About half of all our Secondary students and some Primary children choose to board. We accept boarders from Year 4 upward. Our school location is secure yet welcoming offering pupils freedom of movement in a reassuringly safe environment. Among our neighbours are a host of ambassadorial and diplomatic residences, as well as the Togolese Presidential Palace.

In the best boarding school tradition, the school is divided into Houses, each providing for up to 16 pupils. Our 5 Boarding Houses are large, comfortable properties situated away from the school site, within 5 minutes' walk of the school buildings. Set within their own grounds the Houses are maintained to the highest standards and are subject to an ongoing investment programme. Each has a telephone and wifi so that children can easily keep in touch with home. Children also have access to the computer suite after school and on Saturdays. Boarders' parents are welcome to visit at any time, and we encourage them to communicate with the school about all issues concerning their children.

The pupils in each House have the help and support of their own 'Houseparent' who are also trained teachers, supported by a team of house workers, chosen for their integrity and good sense. The emphasis is on creating and maintaining a family atmosphere where every child can discover and build on their talents and can grow steadily in confidence and maturity.

Supervised prep six times a week provides quiet time for pupils to complete their homework. Activities are orgainsed by teachers every Saturday morning including trips, sports and creative activities. The Prefect Council also organizes activities for boarders on Saturday evening.


Boarding Cuisine and Special Events

At BSL we recognise that good food is especially important to boarders. School food is freshly prepared 'international cuisine' with a West African influence and plenty of it. Each day we offer varied breakfasts, mid-morning drinks, cooked lunches and suppers; as well as snacks after school and before bed every night. We provide lots of healthy fruit and vegetables, ideal for the growing mind and body. Special occasions are celebrated with special meals.

Every Sunday, after service (Catholic, Protestant and Muslim) students are served a wonderful and delicious brunch. Aunty Comfort and all her team in the kitchen prepare mouth watering dishes (both European and African) for our hungry stomachs.

Medical Facilities

The school has two nurses, available 24 hours a day,7 days a week. When necessary, the school doctor is available in town.

Travel Arrangements

For our boarders, whose home country is Nigeria, we undertake to arrange end of term flights to Lagos and Abuja through Asky – with the Lagos flight accompanied by our Head Houseparent. Parents are also welcome to make their own arrangements for their children and send us a copy of the ticket. Please confirm all travel arrangements with the Office Manager -

For boarders not based in Nigeria, we ask that parents arrange flights out of Lomé and we undertake to arrange the timely transport to and from the Lomé-Tokoin airport.


Religious Beliefs

Christian and Muslim services are held at school on Sundays. We have a mosque area for our Muslim pupils who are very ably supported by our school-based Imam. Catholic students are accompanied into town by a Houseparent to attend Sunday services. Voluntary bible studies are held on Saturday afternoons. Special religious needs will be catered for as far as it is possible in Lomé.