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The British School of Lomé
Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014
International Week End
International Week-End
International Award
International Award
Drama Productions _ Antigone
Drama Productions - Conference of the Birds
Conference of the Birds
Drama Productions - Hamlet
Drama Productions - Mr Melancholy
Mr Melancholy
The Lady in Havana
The Lady in Havana
Drama Productions - Une TempeteUne Tempete Prelude to Graduation 2015Prelude to Graduation 2015 Graduation 2015Graduation 2015 Wild Ghana Week Without WallsWild Ghana Week Without Walls
Zanzibar Week Without WallsZanzibar Week Without Walls BSL LionsBSL Lions BSL ArtBSL Art March Madness 2016March Madness 2016 Tri-nation 2016Alice in Wonderland Graduation 2016Graduation 2016
Prom 2016Prom 2016 Jack and the Beanstalk 2016Jack and the Beanstalk 2016 Golden EyeGolden Eye Wild Benin 2016Wild Benin Tri-nation 2016Tri-nation 2016 House Events 2016House Events 2016
Model United Nations 2016Model United Nations 2016 International Weekend 2016International Weekend 2016 Lion KingLion King Ghana Trip 2016Ghana Trip 2016 Treasure Island 2017Treasure Island 2017 Graduation 2017Graduation 2017
Prom 2017Prom 2017 BSL Late Night Show 2017BSL Late Night Show 2017 African Art Week 2017African Art Week 2017 Golden Eye 2017Golden Eye Week 2017 Senegal 2017Senegal 2017 The Lion the Witch and the WardrobeThe Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
International Weekend 2017International Weekend 2017 Soundtracks 2018Soundtracks 2018 March Madness 2018March Madness 2018 Primary Art Week 2018Primary Art Week 2018 Charlie and the chocolate factory 2018Charlie and the chocolate factory 2018 Graduation 2018Graduation 2018
Prom 2018Prom 2018