The Global Citizenship Award
The British School of Lomé
What is a Global Citizen?

The International Global Citizen's Award is a new programme which encourages young people to become better global citizens by:

• finding out about other cultures and outlooks
• finding out more about how their everyday lives affect the environment and the lives of others
• taking small actions to help make the world a better place, and
• reflecting on their developing knowledge and awareness

The International Global Citizen's award is non-competitive, voluntary and for young people aged 11 and over. During the programme, people become more engaged and active as global citizens and better informed about certain global issues and concerns. The award recognises development and action by participants over a period of time – not reaching a fixed standard. The programme is operated and run by local centres in different countries, following the same international model.

Global Citizen Information Pack
Global Citizen Information Pack
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Global Citizen Award

The lives many of us live now, in the 21st century, are very different from those of our ancestors hundreds or thousands of years ago. We use resources from all over the planet, we travel around the world, perhaps live in different countries, and we know about what is going on all round the world through global communications.

Even living an ordinary everyday life in many countries means that we have an impact upon the lives of other people, and the environment, that is far greater than our ancestors in the past. Global communications mean that we are all aware of this.

A citizen is a member of a community – with all the benefits and responsibilities this involves. Citizenship may involve formal status, like being a citizen of a particular town or city or country. But in a less formal sense, we are members of an interconnected global community – we are global citizens too.

Of course we can be good or bad global citizens! The International Global Citizen's Award recognises that our lives have impact on others, and the environment, and encourages us to become better and more responsible citizens of this planet we all share.

The International Global Citizen's Bronze Award at BSL

Think Global Act Locally

The award programme involves a commitment to action and development in four areas over at least six months:

  1. Understanding other cultures and outlooks
  2. Personal Global Footprint
  3. Influence and involvement with others
  4. Recording and reflecting on change and development

For the bronze level award, the average weekly involvement in all aspects of the programme is about 2 hours. The total time involved is therefore around 40 – 50 hours. Although some participants may wish to emphasise some parts of the programme more than other, it is important that all participants engage in all areas. One particular activity can count towards several areas.