The International Award at
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The International Award at BSL
Young people are our future. Developing them to their full potential is a top priority. One practical way to develop this huge reservoir of talent is through participation in the Award."
Nelson Mandela

The International Award is the international version of the British Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The International Award is an exciting programme which is aimed at motivating young people to become involved in a variety of activities that offer self development, exciting challenges and community awareness and cooperation.

Here at BSL we offer the bronze award in year 10 and silver award in year 12.

International Award

The award is divided into four sections:

• Physical Recreation: Students improve their personal physical performance through the training and practice of their chosen sport. BSL offer a wide range of sports as part of the extracurricular activities programme that are suitable choices for the physical recreation section of the award including basketball, football, horse riding, tennis, swimming, volleyball and table tennis.

• Skill: Students develop a personal interest or practical skill. BSL offer a wide range of creative activities as part of the extracurricular activities programme that are suitable choices for the physical recreation section of the award including learning to play a musical instrument, art, cookery and drama and theatre.

• Service: Students undertake an activity that benefits others in the wider community.

• An Adventurous Journey: Student undertake a self-sufficient hike in the Kpalime region of Togo.



"Joining the Award was one of the best decisions I've made. My participation in the Gold Award has provided me with many learning opportunities and new experiences. In the process, it has allowed me to forge new friendships and rebuild my self-confidence."

"As an employer I often look for something that will distinguish an applicant from other candidates. When I see that someone has participated in the Award I immediately prioritise that candidate. The Award demonstrates the qualities of leadership, initiative and social conscience that I am looking for in my employees."


The International Award Adventurous Journey Kit List

Expedition Teams should carry all their equipment and food to enable them to operate in a self-sufficient way. These are the items you will need when undertaking an International Award Expedition for any level of Award.

By the Group:

• Tents*
• Trangia Stoves + Fuel Bottles*
• Maps*
• Compasses*
• Whistles*
• First aid kit*
• Mobile Telephone (Only to be used in an emergency + emergency contact numbers)
• Food/snacks for the entire journey

Personal Equipment

• Large Rucksack* (approximately 55-65 liter capacity)
• Rucksack Liner (or plastic bags)
• Sleeping Mat*
• Sleeping Bag
• Sleeping Bag Liner or sheet (useful for when it is too hot)
• Small Wash Kit
• Small Towel
• Suncream, Sunglasses and Hat
• Mosquito repellant
• Torch and Spare Bulb and Battery
• Notebook and pen/pencil
• Full water bottle(s)
• Emergency food rations (Not to be eaten until the end!)
• Matches
• Warm clothing
• Entire spare set of clothes including several changes of underwear
• Waterproof jacket
• Walking Boots (or other appropriate footwear)
• Small Pocket Knife/Pocket Tool
• Plate, Bowl and Mug*
• Knife, Fork, Spoon + Tin opener*

*Available to sign out from the International Award School Store

"The Award ensures you always have something to talk about in interviews. It isn't just the Award itself, but rather a key to interpret the things you have done in the past. It guarantees life experience, teamwork and commitment - all things employers look for."
The International Award at BSL