Learning Support at
The British School of Lomé
'It is not difference but the difference we make of it that matters.'
The British School of Lomé's Learning Resource Department is organized in such a way that student diversity of all kinds can be included. Individual differences are seen not as a problem to be fixed but as opportunities for enriched learning.

The school believes that learning difficulties have an infinite array of individual patterns altered by child's strengths and environmental circumstances. No universal panacea exists. It is possible to recognize and meet individual needs with out segregation, stigmatisation or discrimination. Everyone has a personal best.

We focus on the whole child, practicing differentiation through identifying a student's learning style, scaffolding their learning and differentiating the curriculum in order to develop the student's true potential.

The British School of Lomé has:
  • An inclusive ethos offering excellence and choice
  • A broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils
  • Systems for early identification of barriers to learning and participation
  • High expectations and suitable targets for children
  • Sets suitable learning challenges
  • Responds to pupils diverse learning needs
  • All children have access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their potential
  • We offer a supportive, effective, friendly, welcoming, healthy and protective environment in school through to the boarding houses.
  • We believe in affirming identity and building self esteem.
There is a shift from specialist teachers solving issues to collaborative planning by all teachers who are part of a student's education along the learning continuum.
  • Teachers support students with learning difficulties in main stream classrooms through the use of individual education plans (IEPs) and classroom accommodations which are provided by the Learning Resource Department.
  •  Each individual is supported to make the most effective use of the range of learning opportunities provided.
  • Accommodations contain clear instructions and advice to ensure that the needs of individual students are provided for including specific differentiation for individual students with special needs, gifted and talented students and those with specific medical needs.
Academically more able pupils

Our Curriculum allows for differentiated classroom instruction ensuring that all students, including our gifted and talented individuals, are challenged at an appropriate level.

The Learning Resource Department liases with subject departments to stretch the most able school pupils, and enables the system to recognise and celebrate their progress. This enables the most able to pursue wider study in areas which reflect their personal interests and support their aims for work or further study.

Special arrangements for IGCSE and IB Examination dispensation

The British School of Lomé recognises the need to be flexible when dealing with candidates who have learning, physical or medical difficulties. They do not have to be entered for 8 IGCSES. The type of disability and the extent of effect will be considered when making option decisions.

We believe that all candidates should be allowed to demonstrate their ability under assessment conditions, which are as fair as possible. Where standard assessment conditions could put a candidate at a disadvantage by preventing them from demonstrating their level of attainment, special arrangements may be authorized to enable candidates who might not otherwise do so, demonstrate their attainments.

Exam dispensation is approved in advance of the examination by the Examination Board on receipt of a report from the Learning Resource Co-ordinator.
Learning Support
The Support Option

This is unique to the British School of Lomé

In Years 10, and 11, 12, 13 pupils can, after discussion with the Special Needs Department, relevant subject teachers and tutors and parents, opt to take Supportive Studies. This course benefits pupils who would struggle with the demands of taking all the IGCSE and IB Diploma options. By studying fewer subjects, a pupil can spend more time improving his/her standard of work in their chosen areas. It is important that such students are not stressed unnecessary by the heavy demands of the IGCSE examinations. It may not be necessary to have an Educational Psychologist's report to gain access to the help that they need.

Our intervention begins a personalised care pathway that helps students to develop the necessary skills and move forwards.
'We just want to sincerely appreciate you for all that you have done for our son. Thanks so much for your dedication and care for our boy. We really appreciate it.' - A Parent

'It can be essential. It has helped me a lot! It has helped me to understand what I did not understand before and to be organised. It's made me hand in and finish my homework on time.' - A BSL Student