Our Endeavours at The British School of Lomé

Welcome to 'Our Endeavours,' which encompasses the mission, vision and educational ethos of the British School of Lomé.

For over thirty years the British School of Lomé, a pioneer of the International Baccalaureate in West Africa, has prepared balanced, principled, lifelong learners to excel in higher education. Our graduates attend the finest universities in Africa, Europe and North America.

The British School of Lomé strives for exceptional standards from Crèche through to our IGCSE and IB programmes. Teachers and students come together in a safe, rigorous learning community, where all students are empowered to reach their full potential.

In a collaborative, encouraging environment, we instill the values and skills that enable all of our students to develop the confidence and self-belief required for challenging academic work. Our entire learning community works together to ensure that each graduate emerges as an enquiring, creative and compassionate individual with the global awareness to excel through life and change the world.

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Guy Colborne, Headteacher


Our Endeavours

We believe that high achievement always takes place within the framework of high expectations.

We expect the best from our students.

Empowering Learners

We empower our multicultural students to be self-directed, independent learners who think critically, communicate, collaborate, create and innovate in order to solve real world problems in our rapidly changing technological age.

We empower our students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to realise their full potential both within and beyond the classroom.

Excelling Through Life

Our curriculum provides a holistic, student-centered education that prepares our students to take an active and responsible role as the global citizens of tomorrow.

We encourage an attitude of inquiry and an enthusiasm for learning that will continue through higher education thus enabling our students to become leaders in a global society.

Every Child Matters

We treat every child with respect for their individuality through differentiated teaching and learning styles that meet specific needs.

We provide our students with equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of the school regardless of gender, nationality, religious belief or ability.

We celebrate lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing self-esteem and respect.

Empathy For Others

Our traditions embrace the creation of an inclusive yet diverse community of international cooperation and social reflection where we emphasise respect for others, tolerance and open mindedness.

Beginning in our early learning programme, we educate our students to become dedicated to community service and compassionate, socially responsible individuals in our multicultural community and beyond.

Enriching Lives

We innovate to inspire and enrich the lives of our students.

We provide our students with an outstanding range of enrichment activities within and beyond our classrooms.


The British School of Lomé endeavours to work collaboratively with the school community to provide an exceptional and balanced education for our students and we ensure that all our students reach their full potential as lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.
Our Endeavours
Our Endeavours
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BSL Key Skills:Our Approaches to Learning
BSL Key Skills:Our Approaches to Learning
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Student code of conduct
Students Code of Conduct
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