Parents at
The British School of Lomé

The British School of Lome recognises the importance of good communications between the school and parents. We will endeavour to keep you informed of school events and activities as well as the progress of your child. We also aim to be as open as possible to suggestions and requests from parents. The school has a wide range of professionals available to help parents with any questions or issues they may have.

Communication with School

School Reports: All students will receive three reports during the school year. A progress report will be issued in October and full reports in February and June. Reports will include attainment and effort grades as well as a subject teacher comment which will offer comments on performance and targets for improvement.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for December and April during the year. We are grateful for your support in taking advantage of this important opportunity to discuss the progress of your son/daughter with each of the subject teachers. The dates for the PTC are on the website in the school calendar.

Direct Communication: We understand that your attendance at Parent Teacher Conferences is not always possible. We can organise individual meetings with teachers to discuss your child's progress at anytime of the year. If you would like to meet with individual teachers please email or telephone the Deputy Head or the Head of Primary.

Student Planners: The primary purpose of the student planner is for the student to note their homework for each day however it is also a means for simple communication between teachers and parents and vice-versa. It also provides a means for parents to check on what homework a student should be doing and supporting them in completing it. Parents should sign (with the exception of IB students) the section provided at the end of each week.

The School Newsletter: The school newsletter is sent by email at the end of every month. The aim of the newsletter is to keep parents informed about activities, events and achievements of the school. The newsletter includes notices of what is ahead.

The School Website ( The school calendar, news updates, handbooks and a wide range of other information about the school is on the school website which is updated regularly.

Blogs: Primary classes and some secondary departments run popular blogs where you can find out what students have been up to. Please access these blogs through our website.

Social Media: The school's Facebook page 'British School of Lome' is regularly updated with news and events.


Please find below our parent handbook in both English and French which is packed with useful information for parents about the school including information about the finance office, academics: the BSL curriculum, assessment, grade levels and reporting attainment, homework, behaviour and discipline at BSL, The policies for electronic devices, ICT facilities and school uniform, emergency procedures and lots of other useful information about the school.
Parents handbook
Parent handbook
Creche information for parents
Creche Information for parents

BSL School Calendar 2018 - 2019
Change of Address

Please ensure that the school has your most up-to-date email address for effective communication. Please advise the School Registrar of any change of address, email or telephone number. It is vital that in the event of an emergency, we should be able to contact parents and guardians immediately. Newsletters, excursion letters and other important information are often sent out via email.

Community Events

We offer a number of exciting community events throughout the year for staff, parents and children to enjoy together. All events will be advertised using the school website, news letter and by email. Events include:
  • School theatre productions
  • Music performances
  • Primary family games night
  • Primary family quiz night
  • Tracks quizzes
  • International weekend
  • The graduation ceremony
  • Honours Day
  • Assemblies