Welcome to the
Primary School
'Think left & Think right. Think low & think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!'
Dr. Seuss

BSL Primary School is committed to meeting the needs of its students in a holistic way. We have developed a broad, balanced and creative curriculum that stimulates and fosters children's learning. The ethos of the school promotes a caring and positive learning environment that gives students the opportunity to be the best that they can be. The curriculum fosters the growth and development of the children in all areas of learning.

Our curriculum endeavours to:
  • Empower Learners by inspiring all students to be enthusiastic about and responsible for their learning whilst providing them with the opportunity to achieve at their highest potential
  • Ensure that every child is catered for regardless of their ability, gender or religious beliefs.
  • Enrich the students lives by taking learning outside of the classroom
  • Mould young minds to be good global citizens
  • Ensure that students excel through life by helping them to understand the importance of empathy, resilience, cooperation and perseverance which are key components of Our Endeavours

Early Years

The Early Years classes in BSL cater to children aged 18 months to 5 years and consist of Crèche, Nursery and Reception classes. In these classes, importance is given to teaching social skills and helping the children to become well adjusted, emotionally stable and happy by providing a nurturing, loving environment when each child matters.

Throughout the Early Years programme fun and interesting topics help the children explore Art, Science and Geography using a variety of learning experiences. Specialist teachers add variety to the program with sports, ICT, music and French. The programme is geared towards developing the whole child with stimulating and varied activities using manipulatives, story time, music and songs. These provisions allow children learn the skills necessary for their development in a fun way.

The Nursery and Reception classes build on what they have learnt in Crèche, adding phonics and reading (via the Jolly Phonics programme), handwriting and Mathematical skills to their daily routines. Overall, by the time the children complete the program they are confident and When joining Reception class, the children move towards becoming independent learners ready to face the new challenges of entering the Key Stage 1 classes.

Key Stage One

Key Stage 1 comprises of Year 1 and Year 2, building on the foundations of the skills learnt in the Early Years classes. Teachers aim to create a happy and safe environment whilst challenging students academically and encouraging positive interactions with the adults who care for them and their peers.

At this early stage in a child's education the teaching remains cross-curricular and topic based, with students taking part in daily English and Maths lessons. They further explore a wide range of subjects including; Science, French, ICT, Art, Music, P.E. and Swimming. The curriculum is adapted to reflect living in Togo, whilst embracing the broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds within our school community.

In addition to academic activities, upon graduating to Key Stage 1, students are able to take part in the school's comprehensive After-School Activities program, learning new skills and making friends in activities such as chess, pottery, drama, games, swimming and football.

These stimulating activities and opportunities help prepare the students for the challenges of Key Stage 2.

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage 2, the students follow the Cambridge International Primary Programme for Maths, English and Science.

In addition to the core subjects, students cover units of work during 'Topic' lessons which are aligned to the main objectives from the British National Curriculum for History, Geography, Art and DT.

Students are also provided with specialist instruction in Music, French, ICT, Physical Education and Swimming.
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