Special Days at
The British School of Lomé
At BSL we celebrate a number of special days and weeks that enrich our curriculum.

The Prelude to Graduation
The Prelude to Graduation is a whole school musical performance held each year in May to showcase musical talents and to celebrate the graduation of our year 13 students.

Prelude to graduation  Prelude to graduation  Prelude to graduation  Prelude to graduation
Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation Ceremony     Graduation Ceremony

At the end of May each year our IB Students graduate from the school with a special ceremony where they receive their BSL Diplomas and the congratulations of the entire school community.
We also hold a special celebration of students making the transition between primary school and secondary school with a special year six graduation ceremony.
The Endeavour Awards
The endeavour Awards      The endeavour Awards      The endeavour Awards      The endeavour Awards
At the end of each school year we honour the achievements of our students in both the Primary and Secondary schools with our annual 'Endeavour Awards.' This awards are based on our mission and vision statement 'Our Endeavours' and include the following.

     • Academic Excellence Awards
     • Sports Awards
     • Year Group Awards (Excellence and Most Improved)
     • The Merit Award
     • The Performing Arts Award
     • The Student Leadership Award
     • The Global Citizenship Award
     • The CAS Award
     • The Empathy For Others Award
     • The BSL Excellence Award
     • The BSL Endeavour Award

Primary Art Week
Primary students spend a week discovering all about a chosen artist or art movement. At the end of the week they display their superb work in a vibrant exhibition.


Primary Art Week          Primary Art Week

Primary Maths Madness

Maths Madness is an engaging week where the Primary school celebrates the wonderful world of mathematics with fantastic activities and workshops.


Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare week, coordinated by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, introduces primary and secondary students to Shakespeare in a fun and engaging way. Our programme coordinated by the Library includes quizzes, competitions, creative tasks and much more. Participants from both primary and secondary had a great time at break, lunchtime and in lessons taking part in the organised activities.