Student Planners at
The British School of Lomé

Students Planners
The Student Planners

Each student is provided with a BSL student planner. The Planner is a vital way for students to record all homework, plan their work, manage their time and meet deadlines.

It is also a place that students can record their achievements and set targets for future improvement

The planner is a useful means of communication between school and home. The planner should be checked by parents regularly and signed at the end of each week.

The Planner also contains lots of useful information about the school including

  • The BSL Home-School Agreement.
  • A School Calendar
  • The BSL Learner Profile: The Code of Conduct for Students
  • ICT Facilities at BSL
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Assessment procedures
  • Smart targets
  • Revision Techniques
  • Guidance services at BSL
  • Eco School Guidelines
  • Global Awards at BSL
Primary Communication Book
Early Years and Reception Planner
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Primary Planner
Primary planner
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Student Planner
Student Planner
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IB Student Planner
IB Student Planner
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